4 Reasons to Take Roller Skates Travelling in Europe

4 Reasons to Take Roller Skates Travelling in Europe

So, you’re interesting in roller skating? Maybe you went to a local roller derby and you decided skating is the hobby for you. Or maybe you’re new to it, but you fancy a challenge. Whatever your reasons, this post has combined together some great incentives to take your skates on an adventure with you as you travel.

1-Get Around Fast

So this point is a bit of a no-brainer, but think of all that time you could save from getting from A to B. You’ll also see much more of the city you’re in when you’re rolling down avenues and quaint little alleys faster than you can walk. Europe has vastly more and better cycle routes than the UK, and the culture of cycling is much more widely accepted in daily life.

2-Save Money

When you’re in a European city, you’ll have a lot of options for getting around, be it the metro, trams, the bus or by over-ground rail. You’ll undoubtedly have to shell out a large portion of your travelling budget on using public transport. So, why not cut down this proportion of needless expenditure and have a blast while doing it.

3-Get Fit

Why not combine saving money on transport with getting your daily quota of exercise? As well as being great fun, roller skating gives you a pretty comprehensive aerobic workout, concentrating on all areas of your body, particularly your legs, your glutes and your arms. It can really help with stamina, weight loss and toning when you have a healthy diet to boot. It’s well known that exercise can help your moods and mental wellbeing too – especially with the novelty factor skating provides.

4-Meet People

Skating is a very sociable pastime, and meetups happen worldwide, particularly in the UK and Europe. Hanging out with other roller skaters can help you improve and learn new tricks and techniques. It’s not just kids that belong on wheels – lots of adults get together for roller derbies and competitions across the Euro. You’re not limited to traditional four wheel skates once you’ve honed your balance; inline skates are great for speed skating and even activities like dance, figure skating, synchronised skating and team artistic blading.

Safety-wise, a helmet and some protective gear for your arms and legs is a good place to start. Invest in a good pair of skates and you’ll be cruising past places like the Sagrada Familia in no time. Pack more into your days and get to where you need be sooner and wow humble bystanders with your speed and agility.