5 Ideas for a Family Reunion in the UK

5 Ideas for a Family Reunion in the UK

Planning a family reunion is always an exciting task.  This year create an adventure for the family that everyone will talk about for years to come. Make sure there are plenty of cameras to capture the smiles on everyone’s faces.  Here are 5 ideas you may not have thought of for planning a family reunion in the UK

Take a Cycling Holiday in the South Downs

The South Downs, know by many as the “lungs of South East England” are an exciting blend of chalk hills, picturesque villages and lush greenery with rolling hills.  They are also a fabulous place for the whole family to embark on a cycling vacation. Here is a blog about cycling the South Downs Way. There are many different routes of varying levels to ensure that the whole family can participate in this exciting adventure.  There are lots of fabulous cafes and pubs to stop for food or grab some food to have a big family picnic along the route.

Rent a Cottage in the Cotswolds

You can rent a cottage on a lake in the middle of the woods in the Cotswolds.  You can spend your days exploring walking trails or biking trails or visiting nearby villages and exploring their history. Your nights will be spent around an open fire as you bond with your family members.  You can also rent cottages with hot tubs that you can relax in under the stars after a long day of exploring. 

Whisky Tour in Scotland

Scotland is known for its world famous whisky and the Glenfidditch and the Glenlivet are just two of the many distilleries that you can visit.  There are many different whisky tours in Scotland available for family fun.  You can combine your tour with other sights as well and see castles, beer making or other fabulous sights.  You can even spend a day of family fun golfing at one of the many world famous golf courses that are available in Scotland.  

Rent a Castle

There are castles for rent all over the UK.  You can head to Wales, Scotland, England, or Ireland and live like royalty.  You can rent out the whole grounds of a castle and have multiple rooms to keep all of your family members happy.  You can hire a chef, cook in the kitchen yourself or call local caterers.  The grounds of many of the rentals allow you to do exciting things like horseback riding, archery, falconry, and sometimes even a small private golf course. 

Rent a Boat and Cruise the Thames

You can rent a boat that sleeps 8 people comfortably and cruise through the locks of the canals of the Thames.  You will travel past rural villages like Oxford or Bath and you can even moor your boat at Regent’s Park in London so you can explore the sights of the big city.  Dock your boat in picturesque villages for free and get out and explore whenever you want to.  Explore the locks and tunnels at your own pace and spend your time relaxing with your family.