5 Must-Visit Destinations for Superhero Fans

5 Must-Visit Destinations for Superhero Fans

We might not be able to take a trip to Gotham City or take in a tour of Metropolis, but there are a handful of travel destinations that will make superhero fans feel right at home. All based in the United States, these superhero sights should be a must-visit for any die-hard comic book fan.

  • Metropolis, Illinois

In 1972, this southern Illinois town declared itself the official hometown of Superman, and erected a 15-foot bronze statue in the middle of the town square depicting the Man of Steel. It’s not just the statue however, as fans of Kal-el can visit the Super Museum, home to over 20,000 Superman artifacts, or if you visit in June, you can take in the annual Superman Celebration, where fans can take part in a best-costume competition (with a grand prize of $1,000), test their knowledge of Superman’s powers and his life, and meet famous faces from the Superman films and television shows.

  • Comic-Con Internationa, San Diego, California

Comic-Con in San Diego is the oldest and largest comic book convention in the United States, with over 130,000 fans over the highly regarded four-day event. Many of these fans will arrive in costume (some of which are nothing short of superb) and you’ll get to see a whole host of celebrities and the latest news from the worlds of comics, film, TV and gaming. There’s very few places in the world better for superhero fans, and the fact that it’s hosted in the wonderful city of San Diego is just the icing on the cake.

  • Madame Tussauds, New York

The New York based Madame Tussauds should be high on the list of priorities for any superhero fans, where you can take in incredible, life-size wax statues of Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, The Incredible Hulk, Spider-man and a range of other comic-book heroes. The superhero exhibit was opened in 2012, revealing a set of wax figures that took an incredible four months, 20 artists and $300,000 to create (that’s per statue, not as a whole!). As well as seeing the statues, fans can enter the ‘Contamination Station’ to check their exposure to mutating gamma rays, view the 15-foot Incredible Hulk statue, pick up Thor’s hammer and take photos with their favourite heroes. Be sure to also check out the Marvel Superheroes 4D Experience, which is a custom 3D film complete with wind, water and even earthquake tremors.

  • Marvel Superhero Island, Orlando, Florida

This incredible theme park in Florida is another must-visit for any superhero fan, where visitors can take in scenes from their favourite films, enjoy a wide variety of adrenaline-pumping rides and take in the superb Spiderman 3D Simulator ride. Guests are also regularly treated to superhero appearances, including the likes of Wolverine, Spiderman and Cyclops.

  • Mile High Comics, Denver, Colorado

This world-famous comic book store boasts 35,000 square feet of comic heaven (and that doesn’t include the extra 30,000 square feet dedicated purely to reserve stock). Not only is Mile High Comics the biggest comic book store in the world, with over 200,000 comics on offer, but collectors of rare issues can find DC comics dating back as far as 1940 (1944 for Marvel fans). There are monthly auctions for collectables and comics, regular special events and autograph sessions with some of the biggest names in the comic book world, making this an absolute must for any comic book fan travelling in the United States.