5 Places in Europe That Won’t Break the Bank

5 Places in Europe That Won’t Break the Bank

The Old Continent will always feel like an endless resource of elegance, diversity and beauty. From Paris to Rome and from Moscow to London, Europe has plenty of amazing places to show off with  – and once you’re there, you will understand just how amazing they can be.

Unfortunately, a lot of people tend to believe that visiting Europe is extremely expensive and that, aside from the long-distance (sometimes spicy) flight prices, they will also have to deal with high expenses in the places they are visiting too.

It doesn’t have to be so. As mentioned, Europe has a lot of great destinations you can try – and many of them are perfectly budget-friendly too. What are some of the best ones, though? Read on and find out more.


Bordered between the Western and the Eastern Europe, Hungary is a great, unique experience in its full right. You will find here Austrian influences, but you will also find a special blend between the East and the West that makes Hungary unique in itself. The food is great, the sightseeing is quite generous and the people are nice – and this is a budget-friendly destination too – so why not pack your bags and go see Budapest?

Czech Republic

Formally considered part of Eastern Europe, the Czech Republic (and especially Prague) can be a great destination for a wide range of travellers. From those seeking history to those seeking relaxation, this country will have everything for everyone (and for low prices too). Lovely place to visit indeed!


Looking for an oasis of beauty, relaxation and grace? Croatia can provide them all (and much more) to you and for a budget-friendly pocket too. Truth be told, it is likely that this is one of the most beautiful places you have ever seen and that it will stick to your memory like nothing else, so yes, it is more than worth booking a ticket for Croatia!


Also located in the Eastern part of Europe, Slovenia has its own unique fragrance and set of experiences you will love. Beautiful buildings, a lot of great history to learn from and a fair share of amazing entertainment options are all waiting for you in Slovenia. Prices are lower than in the Western part of Europe, but you can expect the same quality of the services as you would in Paris, Wien or Madrid, for example.


Frequently overseen by tourists, Romania has its own special way of charming all those who enter it. At the crossroads between Eastern European cultures, Turkey and Austro-Hungary, Romania’s cuisine and traditions are a very original blend you will enjoy. What’s more, people here are welcoming and warm, they know how to have fun and they know they have a diverse country that offers tourists anything they may wish for: great ski or fun beaches, spectacular landscapes or great historical spots, art or pure nightlife. Great blend for good prices even if you are a budget traveller!