58% of Brits would like to ditch the cold this Christmas and go somewhere hot

58% of Brits would like to ditch the cold this Christmas and go somewhere hot

As it begins to get colder, and the Christmas decorations begin to go up, a new study by My Voucher Codes, a UK voucher code and money saving website, has revealed that more than half of the Brits surveyed said they want to escape the cold weather and travel somewhere warm for Christmas instead of spending it at home.

The latest research was aimed at discovering where most people from the UK would spend the festive season if they could choose, and whether they would want to be away or at home for Christmas.

2,158 UK adults were polled for the study, and the first question was based on whether they would like to spend Christmas on holiday or at home. Interestingly, 70% said they would like a more traditional Christmas at home, while 30% said they would prefer to be on holiday instead.

For the people who said they would rather be on holiday for the Christmas season, they were then asked where they would want to go. 58% said they would want to go abroad and somewhere hot, 23% said they would also want to go abroad but to somewhere cold, 12% said they would want to spend Christmas in a cottage in the UK, 5% said they would like to stay in the UK but spend Christmas in a hotel, and 2% said they would like to go abroad to see family.

When it came to the majority of people who said they would like to go abroad somewhere hot, they were then asked why they want to go away for the Christmas holidays. Participants could choose from a variety of different options, and the results were interesting. 53% said they just want a change, 23% said they would like to go abroad because they don’t like cold weather, 19% said they want somewhere even more “Christmassy” such as Lapland, 3% said they don’t celebrate Christmas (and simply want a holiday), 1% said they have family living abroad, while another 1% said they would like to get away from their family over the holiday season.

Chris Reilly is the My Voucher Codes’ Managing Director, and he says that Christmas is often a stressful time, and many people experience pressure to ensure that they’re creating the ‘perfect’ Christmas for their friends and family. This, and the fact that the UK can often have miserable, cold weather during the Christmas season can mean that many people feel glum. For this reason, Mr Reilly says it’s “no surprise” that many Brits want to go somewhere hot and get away from it all.

For many people, Christmas can feel the same every year, and a different experience can shake things up and give you the opportunity to sip cocktails on a beach, for a Christmas you won’t forget.

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