7 Incredible Palaces To Visit Around The World

7 Incredible Palaces To Visit Around The World

The grandeur and history of palaces make them amongst the most popular attractions in various destinations around the world. There is something visually-satisfying about seeing their beauty in front of your eyes. Keep on reading and we will have a rundown of some of the most striking palaces that you can ever see.

Chateau de Chambord

Idyllic – this is perhaps one of the best words that can be used to describe this palace. It is a showcase of the French Renaissance and can rival Versailles in terms of beauty. It has a total of 440 rooms, 365 fireplaces, and 85 staircases. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, which is one good reason to include this in your itinerary if you ever plan to visit France.

Forbidden City, China

This imperial palace is one of the most historically-significant attractions in the country. It is the largest of its kind in the world as it has 90 palaces and courtyards, occupying a land area of 178 acres. More often than not, a tour of the palace will begin from the Tian’anmen, The Gate of Heavenly Peace and you will exit from the Gate of the Divine Might. See everything China has to offer by going on an organised tour, check out some itineraries here.

The Alhambra, Spain

Located in Granada, Andalusia, this is one of the greatest depictions of the Moorish culture. A palace, a fort, and a World Heritage site, it boasts of impressive architecture and stunning design. It is an essential pilgrimage for some, which is why it can often get crowded. Often described as a pearl set in emeralds, this is one of the most stunning palaces you will ever see.

The Kremlin, Russia

When you mention Moscow, the image of Kremlin is one of the first things that will surely pop in your mind. It is not only the home of the Russian government, but also one of the country’s top tourist destinations. Take note that kremlin literally means Russian citadel, so there are many of them in the country. The most popular, however, is the Moscow Kremlin. For more information visit Exeter International.

Palace of Versailles

This royal chateau in France has a commanding beauty that will definitely leave you in awe. It was originally built in 1624 as a hunting lodge. It was expanded in succeeding years and used to be the country’s royal residence. Its grandeur is reflective of the wealthy life in one of the country’s wealthiest suburbs. The Palace of Versailles also has beautiful gardens, which are definitely worth seeing.

Buckingham Palace

No visit in London is perhaps complete in the absence of seeing the Buckingham Palace, which is the most iconic royal building in UK. It has 19 grand state rooms that are regularly used by the royal family for different functions. Within its vicinity, you can also access two royal parks. It is filled with paintings and sculptures that add to its grandeur.

Potala Palace

Found in Lhasa, Tibet, this used to be the primary residence of the Dalai Lama, which has made it one of the most significant symbols of Buddhism. It is at an altitude of 3,700 metres, providing it with a more distinctive appearance. The inward sloping walls are amongst its most recognisable features. The palace itself has a height of 130 metres and has 13 floors.