Activities to Pass the Time on a Backpacking Adventure

Activities to Pass the Time on a Backpacking Adventure

When daydreaming about backpacking around the world, you will often be thinking about trekking through lush rainforests, climbing mountains, seeing the natural wonders of the world and partying with like-minded people.

You do not think of the lengthy journeys between destinations, delays and evenings when you are trying to save cash. This can make up a large percentage of backpacking trips, so it is important to have a few activities up your sleeve to pass the time. Here are a few ideas:

Card Games

Anybody who has travelled will know that card games are a key ingredient. It is likely that you will spend many evenings or long journeys enjoying a game or two, so you will want to pack a deck of cards and brush up on a few games. They are a great way to make new friends and many games are synonymous with travelling.


You do not necessarily need a deck of cards to pass the time, as there are also plenty of other games that you could play with your friend or others that you are travelling with. I Spy, Twenty Questions and Charades are all classics.


Knitting is a great skill to learn that could come in very handy on a backpacking trip. Not only will it keep you occupied during any down time, but you could also knit something that will be useful on your trip, like a scarf. Places like Deramores carry selections of kits for different skill levels, providing you with everything you need to get started.


Keeping a journal on a backpacking adventure is a fantastic idea and it is something that you will always cherish and enjoy reading. This does not have to be a collection of your deepest thoughts each day (although it could be), as it could simply be a place to recap your day or even just doodle. You could also use a journal to make lists with the person you are travelling with – this might be a list of food that you miss from home, listing every Simpson’s character that you can both remember or a list of your favourite films/albums.

Backpacking is not all action and adventure. There will be plenty of down time on quiet evenings at the hostel or on lengthy journeys, but these activities can keep you entertained and could also help you to make new friends – an important part of any adventure.