Best Value Destinations in South East Asia

Best Value Destinations in South East Asia

Charming, unique and exotic, South East Asia is one of the most sought-after travel destinations – and definitely not without reason. The wide range of options, the mélange of cultures that are simply fascinating, as well as the myriad of fun and exciting activities you can engage in – these are just some of the “bonuses” included in a voyage to South East Asia.

What are the best value destinations in this part of the world, though? We have gathered some suggestions for you – so read on and find out more.

Northern Thailand

In general, most of the destinations in South East Asia are fairly budget-friendly (with some exceptions that include very large cities and countries where living costs are higher than everywhere else in Asia). However, there are some places that offer the perfect blend between a fabulous place to visit and the prices every budget-friendly traveller is looking for.

Northern Thailand is one of those places. Slightly different than the south of the country and with a very unique fragrance to it, Northern Thailand will provide you with everything you need: amazing landscape, great entertainment, good prices and a culture you will happily infuse in.


At the crossroads between Indian and other South Asian cultures, Indonesia is one of the most beautiful, bewildering and complex places you will ever visit. With a culture deeply rooted in its traditions, yet always open to the new and always open to tourists who want to explore it, Indonesia will offer a stunning experience for just about any type of traveller: those who seek to relax, those who want to learn and those who are ready to embark in their life’s biggest adventure.

Indonesia has one major gold nugget from us too: it’s not expensive at all, which makes it a dream destination for budget travellers who cannot afford spending a fortune on a good dose of exoticisim.


South East Asian cultures are all bridged by common history and traditions – and yet, they somehow manage to stay distinct from one another and to make themselves unique. This is the case for Vietnam as well. With a history that’s hard to ignore and with powerful marks left by all the other cultures it has interacted with, Vietnam is an amazing travel destination – especially for those who want to experience Asia the frugal way.

Let yourself be embraced by the flavors and tastes of this country, by its spectacular and unforgettable lands, by its unique traditions and way of seeing life. You will not regret it!


 Another unique blend between the Indian and Chinese cultures, Malaysia has an identity of its own – and it’s definitely worth experiencing it! Amazing foods and a flourishing economy, great views and even greater people, temples, historical landmarks, entertainment in true Asian style – you will find them all in Malaysia and you will definitely sense this as one of the best experiences in your entire life. Unforgettable and truly special, Malaysia will leave its traces on your memory!