Croatia gets Back on the Water

Croatia gets Back on the Water

A long lockdown has made the world bored and that’s why people are eagerly waiting for the holiday packages once again.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic situation, the world went under lock and key so as to beat the virus. Though it is not over yet, keeping in mind the consequences of a lockdown on the world economy, some of the service sectors are generating pace once again.

Tourism packages or to be specific, sailing holidays on a yacht are now getting very popular, with people flocking to Croatia to try it. Among the less-affected countries, Croatia is going to start its tourism industry very soon. The news from the officials of the charter companies is supporting the fact. Moreover, yacht sailing holidays can keep travelers far from crowded places. This can help in avoiding the chances of contamination with the COVID-19 virus too.

The pandemic situation has slammed the world economy once again after the first burst in the year 2020. In 2021 some of the countries got hit in the worst possible manner and therefore the world economy is still trying to get on its feet. Many of the owners of different businesses including the charter business are suffering so much. Since people are locked into their houses, there are very few people who are interested in availing of the services.

The head of the organization that looks after the bookings of yachts stated that another year ahead like this may cause disaster in the lives of many people. Lack of income is also affecting the yachts too. The boats are getting dysfunctional. This is another blow on the business since it is the only asset to many of the owners engaged in this industry.

The ray of hope for them has been brought by the trends in advance booking. They are getting their yachts booked for the months of July, August and September. They are hoping that this will help them to survive in the hard competitive market. According to an owner it costs nearly 30,000 Euros for the annual maintenance of a yacht. They are having hope from those people who have started arriving at the costs of Croatia for their leisure ride.

Though the industry has started accelerating with the advanced bookings, they have imposed some rules that should be obeyed. They are taking necessary steps like making the PCR tests mandatory for everyone who is going to get into the yacht. Even the skippers as well as the workers there will have to go through regular COVID-19 tests to ensure that there is no chance of contamination.

Croatian yacht industry gets most of the tourists from Germany and Austria. They also are the service providers to the tourists appearing from all over the world like Scandenavian countries, United Kingdom, United States of America and Australia too.

The policies of those countries regarding getting into the country from foreign can affect the business a lot. The yacht tourism industry is now looking at the positive steps from the authorities of these countries to put some acceleration again.