Five must-see attractions in Rome

Five must-see attractions in Rome

Whether for a brief break away or as part of a longer travelling holiday, Rome makes an impression on anyone who graces its streets, and I only wish I had had more time to explore it properly when I visited. It’s impossible to see everything that Rome has to offer in just one trip, but wherever you go, make sure these five places are high up on your list.

  • Roman Forum

I had to put the Roman Forum as number one, because as I mentioned in my last post on the Eternal City, it really impressed me. The Forum is basically an expansive set of ancient ruins, telling the story of ancient people’s over hundreds of years. Originally a bustling marketplace, it became the foundations for some of the most important government buildings in Roman history. How many gladiatorial battles, triumphant processions of emperors and festivals of the gods did this place bear witness to? We can only imagine!

  • Teatro Costanzi

This enchanting venue is home to some of the most beautiful sounds that the world will ever know. Teatro dell’Opera di Roma, is known locally as the venue of ‘opera under the stars’, at the Terme di Caracalla. Over the years, many operas, musicals and concerts have taken place here; you can’t possibly visit Rome without booking yourself some opera tickets from in advance, grabbing a picnic, and heading down there for a magical, romantic evening.

  • Colosseum

Another iconic building synonymous with Rome, you can almost hear the roar of the lions and the cries of warriors as you step into the centre of the Colosseum. It’s quite awe-inspiring to be stood in the same place that saw brutal and bloody ends to many people’s lives, and all in the name of sport! Nevertheless, it is yet another stunning representation of the might of the Roman Empire, and a reminder of this once great civilisation.

  • Trevi Fountain

If you’re looking for a break from the attractions, but still want to soak up some culture, then visiting the Trevi Fountain should give you that perfect balance. This beautifully carved and magnificent water feature is the pride and joy of the Trevi district at the heart of Rome. Over many years, it has provided a back drop for everything from food markets to fashion shows! Surrounded by luxury shops and plenty of stylish cafes, it’s the perfect place for some respite from the busy nature of Rome.

  • Sistine Chapel

As one of the most famous examples of Renaissance art, who could visit Rome and not stop off at the Sistine Chapel? You’ll find it in the Apostolic Palace, the official residence of the Pope in Vatican City, and you’ll marvel at the spectacular paintings that adorn every inch of this building. Why is it so talked of? Well, aside from detailed frescos of the interior, it is probably most well-known for being painted by Michelangelo himself, including his famous artwork, ‘The Last Judgment’.

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