Four Ways to Keep Travel Alive When You're Home

Four Ways to Keep Travel Alive When You're Home

I know that many people dream of long term travel, but for the large majority of the world it is a part time thing rather than something they live day-to-day. This might be for a host of reasons, from having to be present in your job instead of working remotely, or because you want to be close to family. Whatever the reasons, you need not worry as there’s many small things you can do to keep travel alive at home. Here are some of my favourite things!

By a Scratch Map
There are maps you can buy online that allow you to scratch off the countries you’ve been to. It’s a fun visual way to see the progress of your adventures and a wonderful focal point in any room. It’s a great way to start conversations with guests who are visiting as they can see where you’ve been and fill you on where they’re headed next. 

Invest in a Home So You Can Add Small Touches
I have travelled a lot and am at the age now where I’m looking to buy my own home. I have been exploring easy to apply personal loans to get something sorted before I commit. I plan to feature all of the little bits and pieces of artwork that I’ve collected during my travels and I can’t wait to make my home a fusion of all the places I’ve loved. 

Add Photos Everywhere
You might not be a professional photographer, but you’ve caught your images through your own eyes. Why not add them around you home, printing them on canvas or putting them in nice frames, to showcase your adventures. Photos are a lovely way to brighten up any place, and are relatively inexpensive if you use your own work!

Get a Beautiful Rug
If you’ve ever wandered the Grand Bazar in Istanbul, or the winding streets of Morocco, then you can understand just how beautiful a rug can be. Picking up such a striking piece in one of the countries you adore is a great way to keep the travel dream alive. Yes, they can be big, yes it will probably be expensive, but it could be a piece that you pass on down to future generators, so don’t overlook them! 

The love of travel doesn’t fade just because you’ve come home. Keep it alive in your home with these simple tips.