Here’s why you should take a cruise this summer

Here’s why you should take a cruise this summer

It’s no secret that cruising is the fastest growing sector in the cruise industry, and it’s easy to see why. As cruise companies commit to continually “wowing” their customers with huge ships, amazing onboard facilities and excellent customer service, many people are switching from their usual family vacation and trying out a cruise.

It’s not uncommon to meet people who have been cruising each year for the last few years, and there are many reasons why it’s such an addictive vacation choice.

Here’s why you should take a cruise this summer:


If you’ve ever struggled to get the whole family packed, to the airport, checked in, and then to the hotel and unpacked, you’re probably aware that the whole experience can leave you more exhausted than when you left.

And if you want to see multiple destinations, this means repeating the whole process as you check in and out of hotels and transfer between each place. With cruising, you only need to unpack once, and there are no terrible airport security measures to go through and travelling on a shuttle or bus between towns or cities.

You can simply unpack, relax, and explore the ship while you’re taking from one beautiful place to the next, and the kids will be entertained in the kids club while you lie by the pool with a drink in your hand.


Cruising is an excellent choice for people who don’t like to be surprised with a big bill at the end of their trip. Since your delicious food, accommodation, transport and entertainment is already paid for with your cruise fare, you won’t be constantly needing to pay for these things and can instead focus on relaxing.

Some people will also choose to pre-pay their gratuities which means that you won’t need to carry around a wallet, and you can also choose tours at each stop before you leave and pay for these in advance as well.

Money Savings

For families that want to have a nice trip away without needing to remortgage the house at the end of it, cruising is the obvious choice. Fares are continuing to remain competitive, and many cruise companies are releasing excellent deals in time for summer, so you still have enough time to book your cruise.

You’ll also find that if you book your cruise in advance you can pay your deposit and then pay the rest of the cruise off up until the day the remaining payment is due. This is something you can’t do with flights, meaning that cruising is both a cheaper way to travel and better for your budgeting as well.


You’ll never be bored on a cruise, and many people enjoy the “At Sea” days more than days when they need to get off, as there’s an excuse to explore the ship, eat delicious food, maybe see a moving, do some shopping, relax in the pool, get a massage or read a book in a nice cafe.