How is Lightning Detected?

How is Lightning Detected?

Detecting lightning is crucial to keeping yourself and your business safe. You may have heard about lightning detectors, but are curious about how they work. Understanding how a weather tracker works is helpful to your overall safety and readiness. Here’s how Earth Networks detects lightning and alerts you in real time.

Advanced Sensor Technology

Accurate lightning detection requires a vast, interconnected network of sensors that cover a large area of the Earth’s surface. Earth Networks has thousands of sensors and patented systems to in-cloud flashes and provide warnings about lightning strikes and thunderstorms. With such a robust network of sensors, the distance and range estimation is more accurate. This gives businesses like yours enough time to anticipate inclement weather events.

Weather Radar

The best way to identify lightning is by using a weather radar system and lightning detectors at the same time. This is because lightning sensors only indicate electrical activity. Weather radar identifies precipitation. Both issues are often present in thunderstorms so detecting and tracking both is crucial for accuracy and safety. In fact, a weather tracker usually detects a developing storm before lightning sensors do. Using these two systems together improves the quickness of detections and alerts.

GPS Technology and Algorithms

Another core aspect of lightning detection is determining the location. This is why our lightning sensors are backed by GPS technology and detection algorithms to pinpoint the location of lightning. These systems also classify the types of lightning to determine their unique risks.

Detecting Unseen Lightning

The visible lightning strikes you may notice during thunderstorms are only a tiny fraction of electrical activity that occurs in the atmosphere. An advanced detection system is crucial to identifying in-cloud flashes that may be early warning signs of extreme weather events, like heavy rain, tornadoes, and cloud-to-ground strikes.

Relying on a lightning detection system can help you safeguard your organization from extreme weather events.