How to Save the Money for Your Next Trip

How to Save the Money for Your Next Trip

What if you could stuff a workplace in your backpack and create a traveling job? Getting paid to travel or even traveling the world for free might be the dream of millions of people, but in reality, there aren’t too many easy ways to make money, and unless you decide to set off on your travels with no money, you’ll need to save a bit before you venture out. To that end, here’s a quick look at a few ways to make the money you need for your trip.


Not all trips are planned for, and if you must travel unexpectedly, you might not have the ready cash to do so. If that’s the case, sites like can help you with a quick and easy loan. This can be just what you need to get you started.

Sell Your Stuff

If you’re ready to hit the road and travel to London or anywhere else, why not sell the things you no longer need? What about those holiday gifts you never liked, your old camera that was replaced by the one in your smartphone, or that watch you got for graduation? Flea markets, yard sales and online marketplaces are all options for selling your stuff.


This is an appealing and carefree way to make a bit of extra money if you live in a city and are talented at juggling, singing, dancing, etc. You can do this around your normal work schedule and every dollar you make can go toward your trip. Because you won’t have a boss, you can choose your own street corner or sidewalk to perform your act. Most of the time though, there are laws regarding busking, so check to see what they are in your area before you begin.

Use Your Creativity

If you’re creative at all, making and selling arts and crafts can be a great way to earn a bit of extra cash. Whatever you create will be up to you. Some of the more popular items include things like colored fans, jewelry, paintings, and more. You can sell these at arts and crafts shows, flea markets, or online at places like Etsy.

Online Crowdfunding

One of the best ways to raise funds is to choose one of the websites that offer crowdfunding. One of these is Kickstarter, and they claim to be able to get funding for more than 50% of the projects on their site. Indiegogo is another one.

Freelance Writing

This is a field that’s both highly competitive and wide. You can work for someone else as a ghostwriter or write your own e-book or book and get it published. You can even self-publish on Amazon. There are quite a few jobs in this field that can be found on outsourcing websites.

Online Poker

Gaming isn’t everyone’s bailiwick, but there are quite a few travelers who have been able to finance trips just by playing online poker. According to these people, the trick is to only play for a little money but to play constantly.

With these tips and a little creativity, you’ll be able to save or earn money for your trips in no time!