How To Stay Relaxed While Traveling for Business Abroad

How To Stay Relaxed While Traveling for Business Abroad

Traveling for business abroad can be a really fun adventure or an added stress to an already busy plate. The main difference for me as to whether it feels like a positive or a negative thing is how much prep I’ve done beforehand. With the majority of business travel mostly on hold for the past 18 months, many of us are out of practice with how to travel for business and how to make it easier on ourselves. Here are 3 tips for how to stay relaxed while traveling for business abroad:

1. Use Applications to Help Stay Organized

The truth is there are tons of travel-related applications that can help you stay organized. I tend to fly with the same airlines over and over, and I personally stick to Star Alliance, so I like to have those relevant apps on my phone. They’ll update me when a flight is delayed when there’s a gate change, and so on. It means I’m not running around like a headless chicken trying to figure out what’s happening with my flight if there are any changes. Equus Software also has a lot of useful features for the business traveller. For example, it can alert you when you’re close to reaching taxation thresholds for certain countries, as well as helping you automatically seek business travel approval. 

2. Ensure There’s Enough Time Between Flights
There’s nothing worse than trying to make a tight layover in an airport you’re not familiar with. Due to the current pandemic, there seem to be more canceled and delayed flights than usual. With that in mind, it is wise to ensure your bookings have generous timing between flights, allowing you ample time to move between parts of the airport. This is especially important if you’re booking two separate tickets, whether on one airline or two. If you’re booking flights with connections on one ticket, then it is the responsibility of the airline to ensure sufficient time between flights, and should anything go wrong, they’ll likely offer alternatives to get you there on time.

3. Keep Your Itinerary Stress Free
Don’t jam-pack your itinerary filled with so much there’s barely any time for a bathroom visit. Try to leave opportunities in your itinerary to explore, and to be sure that you’re not just rushing from one meeting to another. When it’s possible, pay a little more to travel non-stop, to avoid the hassle of changing plans and making your flying time longer. Be sure to arrange transfers in advance, so when you arrive it’s just a matter of finding your bags and your name and being whisked away to your accommodation.

Staying relaxed while traveling for business will help ensure that you arrive fresh-faced at your destination, ready to hit the ground running. Hopefully, these three tips help lower your stress about traveling and help you feel relaxed about any upcoming business trips.