How Your Digital Device Can Transform Your Flight

How Your Digital Device Can Transform Your Flight

It’s been a long tough year since you last enjoyed the summer sunshine of a gorgeous holiday. With that in mind you’re probably counting down the days to your next vacation, right? Although it’s a worthy wait, sometimes it can be too much for one person- or family- to handle. Thats where we come in. Your digital devices- both smartphones and tablets- can transform your flight, your trip, and your life. Whether you’re flying to a European city, or a long-haul flight like America or Australia, your digital fun will take the weight off, assist you on your trip, and help with the boredom you’re likely to endure. With a little preparation pre-fight, you can have an even better trip than you ever envisioned possible.

Have a think about what you’ll want to download before you go. Because many flights don’t offer WI-Fi, it’s important to come armed with the right in-flight apps. If you download many before you leave, you’ll have far more fun for your flight.

First of all, download maps, flight tracking apps, weather apps and travel guides. These apps will be brilliant for any last minute preparation- and excitement- while you’re travelling to the airport, or whilst waiting for your flight.

However, your device can change not only your pre-trip planning, but the flight and vacation, too.

Download games that can be played while on the flight. Angry Birds will keep you and your fellow travellers occupied for hours. You’ll soon be lost in your in-between-meal times.

If that’s not enough to capture your attention for a long-haul flight, and you like sports, perhaps try Football Manager. The video game costs around £7, however, it is one you could spend an entire flight playing if you love your football, or if you get in to the flow of the English Premier League season. If you like your sports you’ll also want to download Bleacher Report for news while you’re abroad. If you like a bit of a casino play, you can have a look at Coral to see what they have to offer. This will keep you occupied before, during and after your flight. Thank the digital world!

We also recommend that you download Spotify, and add plenty of new music to your iTunes account. With your digital device keeping you occupied, you’ll be desperate for some other noise. After all, screaming babies while you’re flying for 12 hours isn’t the ideal start to a holiday, is it? Download some of your old favourites, some new music to entertain your mind, and some summer songs that’ll become the anthem of the break you’ll never forget.

On top of that- space dependent- you can download movies and television box sets. By doing that you could spend the entire flight watching Breaking Bad and Game of Thrones. By the time you’re near the end of your chosen series, you’ll be preparing for landing.

If you take all of these steps in advance to your flight, your entire trip will fly by- pardon the pun- and you’ll be wishing it was a little longer. No worries, your trip will leave room for some of this, and then you can rinse and repeat for your flight home

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What will you be downloading ahead of your flight?