Prepping For the Perfect American Road Trip

Prepping For the Perfect American Road Trip

The classic American road trip is alive and kicking like never before, with millions of travelers hitting the highways to experience all the wonderful and wacky things the States has to offer. Some 85% of American vacations these days are ‘stay-cations’, and well over a third of them are road trips. From convenience to flexibility to unparalleled immersion in your surroundings, there are countless reasons to take to the black top for your next getaway. Here’s what to prep to make it perfect.

1. Make a Plan

Road trips often come with a romantic notion of tossing all maps out the window while driving off into the sunset. Though room forspontaneity is key to road tripping, it doesn’t hurt to have at least a loose route in mind. Thanks to all the websites out there built justfor the purpose – from FuelMyRoute for the best gas stops along your way to RoadTripper for the best attractions and stops – planning doesn’t have to be a chore.

2. Pick Your Transport

Five door, family-friendly sedans were the typical choice vehicles for road trips thanks to their excellent safety ratings and decent fuel economy. Recently, however, favor has swung to pickup trucks and SUVs for getting the absolute most out of your road trip. These larger vehicles prove to be ideal and versatile, not only providing superb storage, comfort, and even viewing pleasure thanks to their elevated height, but also accommodation with some cheap and clever fittings. Traveling in a pickup or SUV also means you’re not even bound by roads on your trip!

3. Keep Your Sanity – And Your Cash

America has all kinds of ridiculously beautiful landscapes to keep you occupied, but there are also plenty of corn fields. To avoid losing your mind, make sure you’ve got plenty of in-vehicle entertainment lined up. Download some intriguing podcasts to spark conversations, or research group games perfect for on the road. And of course, you can never go wrong with a rockin’, sing-along soundtrack.

Finally, don’t forget the food! Everyone knows that eating is one of the best cures for boredom (and for keeping concentration, of course). While stopping at roadside diners for meals and snackage might seem convenient, it’ll prove a whole lot better for your wallet and your stomach to prep food and drink for the road before you set off.

With all of this sorted, you’re good to go to have the best American road trip yet!