The Advantages of Atlanta's Best Neighborhoods

The Advantages of Atlanta's Best Neighborhoods

When it comes to a city with a variety of attractions to meet diverse interests, Atlanta is one to consider. Rich in history with a splash of modern, the city offers a range of activities to meet your interests and activity level. Whether you’re just visiting or planning to move to Atlanta, take some time to get to know Atlanta’s best neighborhoods.

Midtown Atlanta

One of the most popular locations for many out-of-town visitors, the central portion of the city is known for its diverse tourist area and activities. Whether you are visiting the Coca-Cola Museum or the Centennial Olympic Park, there is plenty to see within walking distance in this capital. Offering both outdoor and indoor venues, many festivals are celebrated throughout the year and bring a cultural flair. Rich in antiquity, poetry and arts, the city has an array of historical landmarks where you can expand your knowledge, and let your creative mind flow with its vibrant art museums and displays.

Old Fourth Ward

If this location does not sound familiar to you, it is not surprising, but it is worth the trip. Located just past Auburn Avenue, the development of this expansive space has made it a neighborhood that is both diverse and unique. Whether you are looking for a walk through the long-established cemeteries or just want to marvel at the creative re-purposing, the Old Fourth Ward provides you with an opportunity to do it with ease. If you get hungry as you stroll, no worries; the newly built Ponce City Market will offer you a place to eat and entertainment to enjoy.

West Midtown

A happening space for music, West Midtown is home to Terminal West, a place where you and your family can enjoy a range of artists. If you are more into the performing arts or up-and-coming artisans, the King Plow Arts Center meets that need. Are you looking for a fine dining experience? The Bacchanalia is where you need to reserve your seats, but do so in advance as the restaurant tends to fill quickly. All these renovated spaces make use of the architecture from the past and combine it with design from the present to provide spaces where relaxing and learning are enjoyable.

Where to Stay

Depending on your needs, long-term or short-term, you can find a place to stay with ease. If you are looking for a short-term stay, then a place like College Park is a good place to start. Offering a range of locations to rest and rejuvenate, it is a quick way to get a room you need. If you are relocating to the city of Atlanta, one of the older areas, Ormewood Park, is a location to check out. An attractive neighborhood for both young and old residents, it includes both large, historic buildings or more compact new developments.

With so much to do and see, Atlanta is a definite vacation hotspot for single and family travelers. Simple to get around in and memorable for many different visitors, it can be your go-to destination.