The Top 10 2016 Cars to Travel In On Your Next Road Trip For 2016

The Top 10 2016 Cars to Travel In On Your Next Road Trip For 2016

Road trips are no doubt a ritual of summer for most citizens. Over time, people have become more sedentary, but the summer road trip remains an aspect that a majority of the population long for every sizzling season. However, in spite of how exhilarated an individual is about long days on the road this upcoming summer, it’s prudent to do your best to have the car that befits your road trip. You might want to carry a boat load of people and gear, or burn-off major miles every day or maybe, travel the roads in comfort and style; these top 10 cars are your best bet to travel in on your next road trip:

Chevrolet Malibu Hybrid

Chevrolet Malibu Hybrid is the most revered road trip car, by far. It has excellent attributes including mid-sized, remarkable fuel economy and the best gas mileage car you can ever get, 47 mpg to be specific. Nevertheless, it might come handy with a total hike in MSRP, since it runs approximately nearly $1,000 higher against competing division models, but with the 17% increase in fuel economy, it’s well worth the cost. It has a price tag of $27,770.

Volkswagen Jetta Hybrid

This car boasts combined gas mileage of 45 mpg. The compact sedan from the Volkswagen Company also gets this model to the top regarding safety features, for example, a five-star rating from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. This car currently retails at $31,120.

Ford Fusion Hybrid

The Ford Fusion Hybrid guarantees comfort for travelers in the rear and front thanks to its ability to open up more leg and headroom. This model comes with a12 cubic feet of cargo space that accommodate everything from camping equipment to luggage. Because of its hybrid status, the Ford Fusion Hybrid brags an astounding 43 mpg – a little less compared to its immediate competition, the Chevy’s Malibu, but at a pocket-friendly MSRP ( well below $26K). That compensates a lot more for the difference.

Toyota Camry Hybrid

This Japanese automobile is reliable and trusted brand that utilizes eco-friendly technology. Toyota Camry Hybrid is a mid-sized sedan suited for long and short road trips. It comes with a combined gas mileage of 41 mpg. This essentially means that if your road trip slants towards long highway drives, you will receive a 663- mile range, scrapping the need to frequently fill up your tank and impacting negatively on your budget. Its price is well below $26,790.

Lexus ES 300h Hybrid

The Lexus ES Hybrid is the only top-end car to make this list. It comes along with a combined gas mileage of 40 mpg and glitch detectors that helps in always keeping your car in good condition. To add to that, it has 40 inches of second-row legroom for travelers to tour in style. Regarding fuel economy, it blows away competition by 54%, hence justifying its higher price tag of $41,020.

Toyota Avalon Hybrid

If you’re a fuel economy, more passengers, and large cargo space enthusiast, this car is for you. The Toyota flagship Avalon Hybrid goes for $10,000, which is more than its midsized partner, but equally gives the same gas mileage of 40 mpg. It also offers the same highway range for drives which are fun, economical and comfortable. Toyota Avalon Hybrid is the compromise if you were looking to buy the Lexus but it was way beyond your budget.

Volkswagen Jetta

This model retails at $17,680 and has a combined gas mileage of 33 mpg. It holds its fuel economy wise, making it a prudent buying decision if you would wish to carry along more passengers, benefit from good gas mileage and save a lot on automaker invoice. Although its combined gas mileage fall short by almost 18% compared to it mate, the hybrid, it’s also $14,000 cheaper and offers similar interior dimensions and accessories.

Honda Fit 4-door Hatchback

The 2016 Honda Fit 4-door Hatchback pieces together keys aspects like reliability and affordability. It brags one of the best-combined gas mileage, 33 mpg, to be precise. Though it’s a small-sized model, it provides 39.3 inches interior legroom and 16.6 cubic feet of trunk space. This represents an 8% advantage compared to other models in its class. Its current price stands at $15,890.

Chevrolet Malibu

If price is the most of your worries, the non-hybrid Chevrolet Malibu is just what you need. It comes with a combined gas mileage of 32 mpg, and the price tag stands at $21,625.

Toyota Corolla

The Toyota Corolla is designed for those comfortable with non-hybrid cars. The size fits squarely in-between the midsize and sub-compact level. Its impressive fuel economy of 32 mpg makes individuals want it so bad. It blows competitors in its segment out of the water with its generous space: a legroom of 4.41inches and it’s all purpose and reliable.