Three Reasons to Indulge in Luxury Travel

Three Reasons to Indulge in Luxury Travel

Travelling is a luxury. The chance to escape to sunnier climes and sit back with a cocktail in hand is the perfect antidote to a high stress professional life, and those who have the money to indulge in its most prestigious incarnations have probably worked incredibly hard to earn it.

Yet there remains a certain guilt attached to splashing out. Many tell themselves that a flight is little different experienced from economy; that it is the city that makes the holiday, not the hotel. Of course, it’s just as easy to justify those little luxuries, so if you’re looking for an excuse to indulge, here are three… 

#1: For the Experience

As much as we may tell ourselves that holidays are more about the people and the places than the hotels or flights, everything is better and brighter when it’s catered to a luxury market. The experience of flying privately is a world apart from cramming yourself into an economy seat, with a screaming baby on one side, and a snoring holiday-goer on the other. If you would prefer a smooth and undisrupted journey, Egyptian cotton sheets to fall into, and a pool all to yourself, then it’s your money and your experience. Why feel guilt because you’ve chosen to make the most of the two? If you fly private more often than not, but don’t want to pay for fractional ownership of a jet, you may wish to look into jet card pricing with someone like Jettly, which gives you a whole host of benefits, including pre-determined fees on flights and the ability to choose your aircraft from a huge fleet plus, of course, all the luxuries that come with flying private.   

#2: Because You Deserve It

Luxury travel has many perks, from the exquisite cuisine to the freedom from queues, disruptive passengers, and shared pools. Those who have the money to experience it will usually have worked hard to earn it, and it’s alright to reward yourself for doing well. Choosing to fly economy or stay at a three star hotel is no more altruistic than crafting a luxury experience for yourself to enjoy, so if you’re in a position to indulge, why deny yourself?  

#3: Because It Benefits You

The truth is that luxury travel is far quicker, more efficient, and more enjoyable. If you’re looking to fly regularly with guaranteed availability, then going private is a far better option for you than choosing to travel economy. In the same vein, staying in a luxurious and obviously expensive hotel is going to enhance your personal and professional image far more when you’re liaising with foreign contacts. In the world of commerce, reputation is everything, so don’t be embarrassed to use your capital to enhance yours.   

If you have the funds to indulge in a luxury travelling experience, take the plunge today – we promise you’ll enjoy it.