Tips for Visiting Paris on a Budget

Tips for Visiting Paris on a Budget

The City of Lights, the epicenter of fashion and elegance, the best pastry shops in the world: Paris is a gemstone we all treasure, regardless of whether we have already travelled to it or if we plan on doing it at some point.

Seen as one of the most expensive cities in the whole wide world, Paris can still be a great destination for budget travellers too. It all depends on what you want to do while there and on how you manage your finances while away.

What are some of the best tips for visiting Paris on a budget? We have gathered them right below – so read on and find out more.

The lowest fares

Sure, we all imagine Paris is best in spring and summer – but the absolute truth is that this city is a marvelous destination all year round. The great news about this? You can score a much lower price for your air fares and even accommodation if you decide to visit Paris in the low season instead. Plus, you will get to experience the City of Lights differently than most of the other tourists!

Getting around

One of the best things about Paris is that it has a great infrastructure – so you can definitely get anywhere within the city (and even outside of it) by public transportation. Consequently, this means you can save tons of money on rent-a-car and taxi options, so that you can stay budget-friendly throughout your visit.

And if there’s a place where no bus can take you, walk it up. Sightseeing is a million times better when you take the time to “breathe it in”, so there’s absolutely no reason not to walk around (or ride a bike).

Not to mention it will burn off some of those cheesy calories you’ve been indulging in since you got here.


Staying at a hotel may get expensive when you’re in a big city like Paris. However, renting an AirBNB or staying at a hostel can get really cheap, especially if you plan on staying for a bit longer than a couple of days. And no, neither the AirBNB option, nor the hostel one don’t have to be of low standards. Actually, you can find places that are more than decent for prices that are quite OK even for a budget traveller, so this is nothing to worry about.

Free things to do

That’s right, despite its pricy fame, Paris has plenty of free options for everyone. From the museums to the unique streets and from the amazing architecture of churches to the beautifully manicured gardens and parks, there’s a myriad of things to do and see with no money at all. How could you not love Paris?

Paris will offer you an unforgettable experience regardless of how much you can afford spending here. Let it soak into your memory and skin, breathe in the Parisian air and take these wonderful memories with you wherever you choose to go next!