Top 5 Budget Destinations for 2016

Top 5 Budget Destinations for 2016

While a lot of people are tempted to believe that budgeting and traveling are in no way compatible, the absolute truth is that they are. As long as you keep yourself on the financially-savvy and frugal side and as long as you pick the right destination, you stand a very good chance to experience amazing places, meet extraordinary people and make for unforgettable memories – and all on a tight budget too.

What are some of the top budget destinations to consider in 2016? We have gathered 5 of them right below – so read on and find out more.


European, but still different from the largest touristic attractions on the Old Continent, Hungary is a unique experience you are going to love. Because the country was part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, you will see plenty of landmarks to remind you of elegant Austria. What’s more, you will also have the chance to taste some pretty amazing dishes as well – so it’s more than worth giving it a try. Best part of it all? Hungary is totally affordable and budget-friendly!


Also located on the Old Continent, Croatia has a distinct flavor you will absolutely love. Eastern European, but influenced by the West as well, Croatia is full of stunning places and memorable experiences. Plus, it’s quite cheap and you can enjoy quite an adventure for much less than you would in many other parts of the world.


Searching for a magnificent destination right at the heart of the Middle East? Morocco it is, then! Very friendly with tight budgets and with a myriad of wonders to explore, Morocco is unique and savory. Everything from its streets to its traditions and cuisine will be a completely unique experience and it will stick to your memory like few other places can.

Puerto Rico

If you find yourself on the North American Continent and if you are searching for a splendid location near you, go for Puerto Rico. Lush, exotic and unforgettable from oh-so-many points of view, Puerto Rico is the place to be at. Allow yourself to bathe in the beautiful sun, to inhale the beauty of this place and to create amazing memories you will never forget! AirBNB is the best way to go with your accommodation here, as it will be the most comfortable (and least expensive option).

The Philippines

Although The Philippines isn’t the usual “suspect” when it comes to South Asian tourist destination, the truth is that it should be. Charming in its own way and with a huge variety of things to offer, Metro Manila and the other locations in Philippines are absolutely amazing from many points of view. The Philippines can be found at the crossroads between multiple South Asian (and not only) cultures, which means that it can provide you with an interesting mix and a completely unique experience.

Of course, these are just some of the best budget destinations to “attack” this year – but rest assured that there are many others out there too! Allow yourself to discover them!