Top Places to Visit when Travelling Australia

Top Places to Visit when Travelling Australia

Vast wastelands, amazing wildlife and some of the world’s most incredible cities, traveling Australia is a once in a lifetime opportunity. With a diverse amount of natural wonders to see and the amazing cosmopolitan cities to explore, it’s the perfect country to travel. Here’s the top places for you to visit whilst on your Aussie adventure.


Known as the hipster city, Melbourne is the place to be for the cool and trendy youth of Australia. It’s where you’ll find the best cafes, arts, live music and bars with a young vibe that’s sure to keep you dancing well into the early hours. Home to some of the best shopping in the country, you’ll be able to stock up on vintage classics or splash out on hot from the catwalk haute couture.


Melbourne’s main rival Sydney is by far the best looking of Australia’s major cities. Dress to impress for a night out at the dazzling harbour or head out in a white t-shirt and jeans to a cool beach bar where you can lay back and watch the sunset. Sydney by nature is showy, bronzed buff bodies line the beach and you’ll be sure to find exclusive events around every corner. On top of this you can climb the amazing harbour bridge, a must for all visitors to this impressive city.

The Great Barrier Reef

One of the most amazing natural structures on planet earth, if you’re visiting Australia the great barrier reef is not to be missed. The Great Barrier Reef offers an incredible number of once in a lifetime experiences from some of the best diving opportunities to sky dives over the top, however you’d like to explore the amazing barrier reef it’s essential when visiting Australia.

The Outback

The Australian outback is one of the most famous drives in the world. With stunning natural landmarks to see, from Alice Springs to Ayres Rock, there’s so much to see off the desert tracks that, it’s a must visit destination on anyone’s trip to Australia. From Palm Valley to Port Augusta, there’s gorge’s, waterholes and bush camping sites galore.

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