Why Bournemouth is a great destination for your stag do

Why Bournemouth is a great destination for your stag do

Bournemouth has it all. Stunning sea-front hotels, amusement arcades set along its famous pier, a buzzing city packed with shops and restaurants, not to mention its endless supply of water sports. Although it has built a reputation over the years for being a holiday destination for all the family, its vibrant, cosmopolitan lifestyle and incredible nightlife these days have a lot to offer a stag on his last night of freedom. If you’re planning your stag do and are on the hunt for the perfect destination, look no further than these top three reasons as to why a Bournemouth beach break could be the ideal location.

  • It’s perfect for adventurers

These days, a stag do isn’t just one night – it’s a whole weekend devoted to doing whatever you want, and Bournemouth has so much to offer that boredom will be impossible. Before you head off out and dip into the town’s local nightlife, why not stop by a shooting gallery and handle an assault rifle? Or if you prefer water sports, why not try flyboarding – a cross between a jet-pack and water skiing! From paintball and quad biking to a tandem skydive, Bournemouth has everything you’d need to make your stag weekend unforgettable – despite the alcohol.

paintball sport player wearing protective mask aiming gun and shotted down with paint splash in summer
  • It’s so much more than a boozy night out

As this is such a unique city, you’ll be able to find some of the best after-dark experiences in the country. Why not create your own mini Las Vegas night out, with your own casino and poker tournament? Or if you’d prefer some quality time with your friends, you can hire your very own party boat for the evening, with a cocktail masterclass for the more sophisticated gent. No matter what it is you love to do, you’ll be able to create the perfect experience.

  • Organisation is easy

Given how ideal Bournemouth is for stag parties, it won’t surprise you to learn just how easy it is to organize everything, especially if you book with the right company. For example, the Stag and Hen Experience have numerous pre-built packages available, or a bespoke service where you can mix and match activities to suit you and your friends. Having their kind of expertise not only ensures that you get the best offers and VIP entries in town, but that you know the activities you book come highly recommended.

Have you been on a stag do in Bournemouth? Do you have any tips for people currently planning their big night out? Leave a comment and share your story.